American Poultry Association - Coop Tender

I am now working on the level.

“Second Level”

Age: You must be 10 years of ago or older to be tested for this level.
Record Book: Mandatory

To achieve this rank, a young person should be able to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the poultry animal and its basic care, of show preparation, should have participated in competitive activities with an individual animal and should be participating either individually, or with others, in some poultry related activities. This level should know basics on feed, some education on the more common external parasites and internal parasites and how to treat or prevent them, worming and how to prepare a bird to show. He should know the basic external parts of a chicken, be able to tell the sex of a bird, know the breed and breed class of the bird he/she is showing. You should be able to coop in and coop out a bird properly and be able to hand the bird from person to person properly.
At this level parental help and guidance is acceptable for activity, competition and educational projects but practical “hands on” learning is very important, not just memorizing from a book.

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