Oreo. Two blacks and a white in the middle


boris99 said...

i wasn't sure where to post this, as i have never before 'posted a comment' on a blog before but here's to firsts!!! I figured the "oreo" picture was the right one to click on as I love the taste of oreos.
My wife (Jacqueline) and I just made creamy scambled eggs (wouldnt dare use them for the kids pancakes, they got the store bought ones) with O's eggs, and they were fantastic! Argueably the best tasting eggs I've ever had (and i eat alot of them!)
I don't know what you do to produce such flavorful, firm yolks and rich fluffy whites, but it's working, so keep it up the good work!

-best, Greg Bokor

ps. going to make a souffle wtih the other six we have left. ill try and take a picture.

CresceNet said...
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