Introduction of my Chicken Research Paper


Bgaawk! That’s what you hear when you walk into a barn full of chickens. If you look into the coops you will see hens laying eggs or roosters crowing. Do you have chickens? If you do, you should read this report and I guarantee that you will know twice as much about the fun feathered friends eating bugs in your backyard. I became interested in this topic last year when I got twelve chickens. I first got interested in chickens a long time ago when I first saw chickens and I thought they were awesome! In this report you will learn about breeds of chicken and some information about them in my first chapter. In my second chapter you will learn about how the chicken on your table got there and how industrialized chickens are treated. My third chapter will explain how to take care of a small backyard flock. I hope after reading this report you will know a lot more about the life of a modern chicken.


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