About my new bunny

 This bunny was found in an apartment. The owners only gave it food and water. Every week you are supposed to clean out it's cage but they hadn't cleaned it out for months. Also every month you are supposed to clip the nails of the bunny but they hadn't done that at all. You can see that they hadn't clipped the nails for a really long time by the length.

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mmgood said...


a friend just sent me your blog because she said it "reminded her of the stories i've told her about raising chickens as a kid". i have met very few people in my life who seem to know the true beauty of these creatures, or who understand what wonderful friends they make. i raised chickens all through my childhood, and can't wait until the day when i am able to have a home in the country again and can bring in some feathered friends. your blog has made me very, very happy. thank you, and i wish you all the best of luck and success. take care.