More Success at the Fair!

Yet again my chickens dominated at the fair. Plum got first,Penguin got second,Fluffy got first,Biscuit got second,Cheesecake got second,Tomato got first,Jacoby did not get judged for some reason,Sugar got second,Lola got first,Cocoa got second,Sassy got fourth,Blueberry got first,Peach got first,Peanut got second,Macaroni got first and Snowcap got second. For some reason the Blues got two firsts a second and a third but no second and they were the only blue cochins in the fair. Snowcap easily should have gotten first because the one that beat her looked really ratty to my friends, me,my parents and my babysitter. I wish Josephines entry hadn't gotten messed up because she probably would have gotten first.

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