Flock Tender APA Achievements

I am starting to work on my American Poultry Association FLOCK TENDER level.

From APA:
There are five(5) levels a young person may reach in this program.
PeeWee Level , Coop Tender Level, Flock Tender, Flock Master and Poultry Master.
A student must earn a number of points at each level to move up the ladder to the next step of achieving his or her goal. The program must be completed by the time the student reaches his 21st birthday. Once he/ she has reached their level they will receive a level patch to wear on a jacket and a certificate of achievement. This will also be a wonderful reference on future workplace application.

Item #4 Flock Master Level Notebook

This 85-page record/notebook for the Flock Master level of the APA-ABA Youth Program is the final notebook available for the higher levels of the A.C.E. program. The table of contents lists the following: Book Owner Identification, the Introduction to the Flock Master, Table of Contents, Activity Introduction, Activity Work Sheets, Competition Introduction, Competition Work Sheet, Education Introduction, Educational Work Sheets, and the Conclusion. It is laid out in an easy format for the youth member to follow, spaces to be filled in and the member can add more pages if he/she would like to add more to his/her record book.

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