Chicken Coops - a few suggestions

Here is one suggestion for an outside coop - A Moveable Coop
Nice pre made solution (but expensive)- The Omlet
Here are some nice suggestions - BYO
I am interested in freecycling so think it is possible to freecycle your way to a great coop.

Be very careful of predators, It is hard to get them to give up after they see your chickens because they want dinner. You also want to have a small door to let them in and out of in the morning and at night. That door should be very secure so when you shoo them in at night they won't get eaten and so they don't get cold.

I think the essential things for creating a coop that will make your chickens happy are:
1-a coop that allows for natural sunlight
2-a place for them to perch
3-individual private and comfy nesting boxes
4-a very secure run and coop to keep predators out
5-easy to clean and easy access to eggs
6-draft free
7-protection from cold and sun (an indoor area)
8-each bird should have 4cubic feet per bird
9-room for dust bathing (can happen in a bucket)s

Here is a good book to read Building Chicken Coops

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