Two new birds from the Animal Control Officer in town

Someone left these birds behind, so I took them in. Their new names are Milk and Honey.


Tismerica said...

How many is that now! How great of you. I've made brownies and banana bread with your eggs. And just plain eggs. The difference between fresh/happy eggs and store bought is amazing. Thank you. Do you sell them? Could I drive up and buy some? Awesome looking chick btw. Congrats!!

O's Eggs said...

Aren't they they cutest! I have about 30+ now. More the merrier.

I am glad you like the eggs. We think they taste totally different too. I do sell them, but you could probably get them at Whole Foods.

Thanks again for the tix to Food, Inc. As you can see I wrote about it for a project at school - see my essay below - and the Head of Poultry in Canada !!! responded to my post.

I've been trying to contact the people at Food, Inc. to get more detailed info.