Very Happy Chicks

Yesterday I put the babies outside. They had a great time except for two little things. The first one was when my friend Liam was looking in their little play pen and he said "hey O don't you have six baby chicks." So I ran over to where they were and I could hear little Cotton excitedly chirping away in our neighbors lawn. So I went and got her and put her back in their cage. The second was a little bit later, Liam and I had been putting a couple of ants in their cage so they could eat them and play with them. We were watching them play when I saw Ilya choking or shaking her head and I knew something was wrong. So I picked her up and the ant which was pretty big had clamped on to her face/lip. But we couldn't get it off until we pulled hard, but cute little Ilya was okay.

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