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Robert Kenner’s Food, Inc. explores the gargantuan machine behind our nation’s food industry.

The generally abysmal food that ends up in our restaurants and supermarkets is the cause of widespread obesity and diabetes, and is produced by a few giant corporations operating in plain sight of the FDA and USDA. To whit, in the grand tradition of such films and books as Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, and, to some extent, Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, Robert Kenner’s Food, Inc. offers a terrifying appraisal of the way we eat—as well as what we can do to improve things. GOOD spoke to Mr. Kenner on the eve of Food, Inc.’s release, to fill us in on gaining access to corporate players, why he wants the film to anger people, and just how Orwellian the eating industry has become.

GOOD: Your film will not be well received by Big Food. Was it difficult finding people that worked for these large companies to interview?

ROBERT KENNER: It wasn’t easy. We spoke to 40 or 50 organizations, far more corporations than were actually in the film. They wanted to know everything we were doing, and we would tell them, but they just didn’t want to be on camera—and they certainly didn’t want for us to film where they created their food. It was disappointing, but now they are very anxious to talk. You know, the meat association and the cattlemen said, “this is going to be a major motion picture and you better see it because your customers sure will.” Monsanto just created their own web page. Now they are anxious to talk and it’s funny because we asked them like 12 times.

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