My Twiter conversation about Food, Inc.

From Me to NKristof
@nytimeskristof Awesome piece in todays paper. Thank you! I am trying to get the word out about how some/most chickens are raised. Awful.

Then I ReTweeted @jambutter
RT @RobertKenner we found out abt tradeshow Monsanto dnt agree 2 grant interview & we wr denied press credentials #foodinc (via @Jambutter)

Response from @agchatter

@AgChatter I have knowledge about the press credential claim. Be careful in taking everything as the gospel. #foodinc

@AgChatter Properly credentialed media are admitted to the trade show they reference every year. From farm broadcasters to AP, Reuters

From me to @agchatter

@AgChatter hard to know which "credible" source is more "credible" than another. I will keep doing my best to figure out. Thanks!

@agchatter to me

@HappyChickens I would think that it's silly to think that any company who expects to be roasted in a film would agree to an interview.

From me to AgChatter
@AgChatter If it is all good why not respond? I think it implies they are hiding something. As my mom says "this is a time of transparency"

From @agchatter to me

@HappyChickens Anyway, I'm happy you're interested and looking for information. Think critically about all the sources of information!

@happychickens I think http://www.monsanto.com/foodinc/ addresses your ? about their viewpoint on the film.

Who is @agchatter " I dont work for Monsanto but in my job I spend time with all major ag biz in Illinois, and small one's too."

HMMM. Have to say I read the entire Monsanto response to Food, Inc. Why does my gut tell me it doesn't feel right. It is all about money and "developing nutritious, and affordable food"...Weird idea for farmers to "develop food". No doubt the world needs to eat, but this feels odd. Maybe it is just me. Need to do more research. Thank you @Agchatter/@agchick for challenging me.

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