Woman's Old Advice Relevant to a New Set of Chicken Farmers - from Kitsapsun News


Shortly before her death, longtime islander Minnie Rose Lovgreen confided to a friend at her bedside that she'd long wanted pass on her recipe for raising chickens.

Stored in her head were 60 years' worth of observations and know-how about how to care for brooding hens, raise baby chicks, build coops, promote quality egg production and calm irate roosters.

Lovgreen's friend Nancy Rekow was quick with a solution and a tape recorder.

"Minnie was always talking about writing a book about chickens, but she was always running around doing things," Rekow said. "I said, 'OK Minnie, we're going to do your book.' So, while she laid there in the hospital bed, we talked about all things chicken."

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