The Beehaus from Omlet

Bees in your garden, honey on your toast!
Ever since early humans discovered nests of bees in the wild, honey has rightly been considered a prized possession. Now, with the new beehaus from Omlet, you can enjoy the fascinating experience of keeping bees in your own garden or rooftop.

The Beehaus

With a beehaus in your garden, you'll soon be saying "Show me the honey!"

Inspired by the way bees live in the wild and building on the classic principles of beekeeping, you will find the beehaus a delight to use. Omlet's service and support will give you all the confidence you need to keep bees in your garden.

As the old beekeepers saying goes, "there is nothing better than spreading thick delicious honey onto a slice of piping hot toast - except when it's been collected by your very own bees."

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