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Your mission:
Put the chicken before the egg! Get the word out about cruel cages for hens and see if you can help your community go cage-free.

Why? Most eggs produced in the U.S. don’t come from Old MacDonald’s Farm. Instead, they come from industrialized factory farms confining millions of laying hens in overcrowded battery cages. Stacked one on top of another, each small wire cage may hold as many as 10 hens. Each hen has less space than the size of a sheet of paper. Hens confined in battery cages can’t spread their wings, make nests, perch, dustbathe, or do other things they were born to do. Get more details at NoBatteryEggs.com.

How? Write letters and talk to your parents, friends, restaurant managers, and school cafeteria manager. Ask them to make the switch to cage-free eggs.

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