Colony - The Trailer

Colony Film Explores Bees, Beekeeping and CCD
Posted by Gina Telaroli on October 2, 2009 at 7:37 am

"As someone who helped direct a short film about Colony Collapse Disorder, beekeepers and honeybees, I couldn’t be more excited to see Carter Gunn and Ross McDonnell’s feature documentary Colony. The documentary explores the crisis of the bees through a few veteran beekeepers and their struggle to keep going. The paragraph below, from the Variety review, got me especially excited for the film:

The mischievous genius of ‘Colony’ lies in the fact that bees don’t serve as a metaphor for people as much as people serve as a metaphor for bees. Of all the worried beekeepers whom Carter and McDonnell hone in on — they include David Hackenberg, a veteran Florida apiarist who first identified colony collapse syndrome, and David Mendes, a long-haul pollinator who begins examining the role of pesticide companies in bee disappearances — their most gripping subjects are the members of the Seppi family.

How could this film not be wonderful? It sounds utterly fascinating, not to mention that it deals with an incredible important subject (which you know if you read TakePart) and one that is near and dear to my heart.

Watch the trailer and keep your eyes and ears peeled about any opportunities you might have to see the film."

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