I am trying to put together a FARM CLUB @School.
I have some great suggestions from people on twitter for where I should start...soil. Now I am trying to figure out what we should discuss each week.
1. Delicious Soil
2. Four Season growing - Sustainable Farming
3. Greenhouse Food
4. Eggs and Chickens
5. Sustainable Farming
6. Harvest

Any Suggestions?


Beth said...


Rebecca/CUpS said...

-What to plant when...
-Depending on size (backyard farming or small/medium size farm), you might want to explore no-till/crop rotation...which would fit in well with building a healthy soil.
-Best practices for harvesting seeds
-For fruit trees: grafting practices

Good luck with your project - wish they were teaching this when I went to school!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! let me know how we can help, maybe by publicizing?

O's Eggs said...

Hey guys thanks for the suggestions. School has said yes to FarmClub. Now I need to get a plan in place.

Any suggestions accepted.