Factory Farming on TV!

Last week, the hit Fox show BONES, featured gruesome footage (courtesy of Farm Sanctuary) of the cruelty that chickens face on a daily basis in slaughterhouses. VEGdaily contributer Jasmin Singer sums up the episode like this:

“The premise of the episode centered around a mysterious dead body that was eventually identified to be the manager at Clucksten Farms, a broiler farm at the center of a scandal led by animal rights activists. Turns out that Mr. Clucksten Manager was killed by an unhappy and underpaid factory worker in (get this) the same nightmarish way that the chickens are killed.

I don't watch this show, someone told me about it. I think it is amazing.

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Erin said...

Hey O,
I watched this episode and it was awsome. It was great to see a popular tv show taking a stance on a major issue.