At the Farmers Market

thank you Rebecca for the photo.

I try to take my birds to the Farmer's Market so that people can "meet" the birds. It is really interesting, because most people have never met a chicken before I think it is easier for them to eat chickens. In JSFoer's new book Eating Animals he writes about how his babysitter said to him when he was little “You know that chicken is chicken, right?”...once he thought about it, really thought about it he changed how he ate. Most people will say chickens are stupid so why not eat them. I disagree. Hens are funny, bossy, clever, smart and very social. Once you know this, I think it is harder to accept them being tortured in Factory Farms or even slaughtered in a poor way. That's why I take them to the Farmer's Market, so you can "meet" a hen.

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Very interesting. I think you're doing good.