More on HFCS - from TakePart

Harmless sweetener or obesity culprit?

"High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) isn’t just in your soda. You can find it in yogurt, juice, bread, ketchup, bacon, and a host of other products. Each day, the average American unwittingly consumes over 11 teaspoons of HCFS—that’s 38 pounds every year! It accounts for nearly half the amount of sweetener used in the U.S. annually.

Made from federally subsidized corn, HFCS is cheaper than regular sugar. But corn requires more fertilizers and pesticides than other crops; and constant production weakens topsoil and pollutes watersheds. Critics say HFCS is to blame for ballooning obesity rates in the U.S. Others say it is no worse than sugar, and that both are harmful in large amounts. Who is right?"

I am still doing research on HFCS so I can respond to a letter from the Corn Refiners Association

More about the Corn Refiners Association (Corn Refiners Association. The trade group, made up of seven U.S. agri-giants, has spent a reported $30 million over the last nine months to convince everyone that high-fructose corn syrup, once a favorite sweetener, is just as healthy as sugar - from Takepart.com) Here is the Corn Refiners Campaign Sweetsurprise.com (I don't think that is a good name....what is the surprise??)

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