Guest Blog from Bradley Smart - my friend from twitter, he's 10.

 In a world where fish are being hunted by massive ships and new technology, its more important than ever for people to eat more sustainably.

The need for sustainable fishing is rather large, because we are slowly killing off all the edible fish in the ocean. In fact, scientists predict that by 2048, there will be no more edible fish in the ocean if rates continue like this.

Sustainable food means that it is caught or grown in environmentally friendly ways. One reason we should eat sustainable fish is because its caught safely, and that the fish is good for you. That doesn’t mean that suddenly Bluefin tuna is good for you, because bluefin is a “red” fish, according Seafood Watch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.

Eating “red” fish (which means avoid eating) is not sustainable in any way. Red fish (e.g., Bluefin tuna) are caught mostly by trawlers – large nets pulled by ships that drag up all kinds of sea life. One of the worst parts is when they take all the sea life that they don’t want (or is dead) and throw it overboard. Dead, rotting fish in such large quantities isn’t good for the ocean.

Another reason we should eat sustainable seafood is because the way it affects people. Fish not caught in environmentally friendly ways can carry sicknesses that are bad when you eat them. Eating sustainable seafood not only helps the environment, it also helps you and your family.

Please try to eat sustainable fish when you have the chance, because a little can go a long way.

Bradley Smart - Fourth grader who wants to understand things and make the world more sustainable. He  is @smartbeing on twitter and here is his awesome blog about sustainable fishing. THANKS Bradley!


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Hey Orren! Thanks for posting my post on your blog. It rocks to see my post on other blogs!


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Geoff Egan said...

Yikes-not only have we a Fox in the Henhouse, but we seem to have located a Smart Bomb in the (over)Fishing Fleets.

Imagine how well-read and articulate Bradley's going to be when he's eligible for a Teen Advisory Board!