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"Commissioners’ Conclusions The Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production considers animal well-being an essential component of a safe and sustainable production system for farm animals. Food animals that are treated well and provided with at least minimum accommodation of their natural behaviors and physical needs are healthier and safer for human consumption. After reviewing the literature, visiting production facilities, and listening to producers themselves, the Commission believes that the most intensive confinement systems, such as restrictive veal crates, hog gestation pens, restrictive farrowing crates, and battery cages for poultry, all prevent the animal from a normal range of movement and constitute inhumane treatment.

Putting Meat on the Table: Industrial Farm Animal Production in America
Apr 29, 2008

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MizGreenJeans said...

Love your blog! We live on a small farm (45 acres) where we raise both large fowl and bantam chickens. We are currently focusing on Buckeyes, a heritage breed (the only one ever created by a woman!) See our website here: http://www.pathfindersfarm.com. Keep up the great work!