Just had first conference call!

Just had first conference call after joining the Humane Teen Advisory Board.


Jen said...

Orren, this is Jen Scarlott here... I'm the mom of a Humane Society Teen Advisory Board member like yourself... Julia W... she mentioned to me after last night's conference call that she had spoken to a chicken-loving fellow board member. We are both so thrilled, because Julia and I, in addition to being vegetarians, happen to feel that chickens are the ultimate underdog of the animal world... lowest creature in the world's pecking order(!), and that they deserve far better. So finding out about all your amazing work on behalf of chickens, and against factory farming etc., gives us such a lift! Your blog is an inspiration! We hope to meet you and your chickens one day, Orren. Keep up the incredible passion...

O's Eggs said...

Nice to hear from you! It was so exciting to be on that conf call. Wow.

I will do my best for the chickens.

Would Julia care to write a guest blog post for my blog about being on the board or about chickens. I would love to post it!


Jen said...

Hi Orren! I'm sure Julia would love to write a guest blog post, she's going to email you. So amazing watching you Humane Society Teen Advisory board members at work, you're inspiring. By the way Orren, if you don't already have a copy, you might want to pick up Karen Dawn's book "Thanking the Monkey, Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals"... truly wonderful, fresh, young approach to these tough issues: http://www.thankingthemonkey.com/... Orren, count on many chicken-loving allies in your work on their behalf!