You have to check out these blogs!

Farm to Table
by Zachary Cohen

Every Kitchen Table
by Rob Smart

The WHO Farm
by Daniel Bowman Simon

Civil Eats
by Ms. Crossfield

Hungry For Change
by the people at Food, Inc and Sarah Newman

Cooking Up a Story

I know there are more. Write me.


Andrea said...

Thanks for these blog links! I will check them out!

Also, have a look around at my site. I am collecting info and links here:

Carol Dannhauser said...

Hi Orren,
I discovered your wonderful blog via The Atlantic Monthly's food channel. I love your photos and where you're coming from. I wanted to introduce you to our site, www.CookingTeens.com. We're a free foodzine and we try to provide compelling food news, information and recipes each day for teens and their families. We don't espouse vegetarianism exclusively, but we try to encourage sustainable cooking, farming, shopping and eating.
Feel free to add your photos to our Facebook fan page (www.CookingTeens.com). They're beautiful!
Carol D.