350.org Food and Farm (tx Jen S for h/t)

Food and Climate:

"Factory farms require huge carbon inputs and produce huge carbon outputs in the form of methane. It takes more than a calorie of fuel to produce every calorie we eat and, in industrial meat production, the ratio of calories-in to calories-out can be as high as 58:1. Eating livestock from your local community lessens this problem, but it still has a higher carbon output than a vegetarian."

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Jennifer Scarlott said...

You're welcome Orren! There is NO better organization than 350.org for global AND local climate activism... followers of you and your happy chickens might want to get familiar with 350.org's activism last year at and leading up to Copenhagen, and stay tuned to their site as they develop their post-Copenhagen plans! Clearly, one of the biggest-impact actions an individual can take is going vegetarian... or at least beginning, say by going meatless on Mondays... www.meatlessmondays.com! All the best Orren!