Thank you Papa.

Here is what my dad told me about the night he buried Francisco. I couldn't do it. I was too sad.

"I went out to the barn and it was peaceful and quiet. I grabbed a shovel and went out to the middle of the big field. The peach trees were in bloom and they reflected the light from the moon. Up in the sky was a very very bright star. Was it Mars? Venus? Just a big bright star. I dug a deep hole. I put both food and water in the hole for Fancisco's journey. I also put a little egg in the hole from one of his coop mates. It was a little egg, from the bantam cochins. The hole was deep, the stars were shining.

When I finished digging the hole I went back into the barn where Francisco lay. Guess what? The two little cochins Sugar and Lola were snuggled up next to him. They new. They loved him too. They were right next to him, one on each side of him. I picked up Francisco gently and took him out into the cool air. I started to walk our to the field where I had dug the hole. I looked up to the sky and guess what???? The very very bright star was gone. Gone. I knew the star had jumped down into the hole. So whenever you look up into the sky and see a bright, generous star, that is Francisco. He was an awesome bird and we were lucky to know him."

My Papa is the best. 

He looks like star doesn't he.


zebrafinch said...

Your father IS the best. What a great story. I am moved to tears, for so many reasons. I am sorry for the loss of Francisco. It's true that every bird's role in the flock matters, that his friends miss him, that there is such an adjustment.

Your heart is gold, Orren. Thank you for sharing such a respectful, caring story. It matters both for the birds, and for us.

O's Eggs said...
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WeldrBrat said...

Sweetie - that's a story made for digital scrap booking - one you never wanna lose grip from as the years come along. You should consider learning how to do the digi scrapping about all your pets. And never forget to include the stories! You're very lucky to have your father! He seems like a really special person God has placed in your life! Take time. But dig deep for the good in this. And then move on to find another pet - because you're just that good with them! Your time with your gift of talent should not be wasted!