The Celtics Hive (it is green)

I have one hive that isn't thriving in the same way the others are. The Celtics Hive. The green one on the end. The other hives have 6 or 7 frames in the second hive body pretty much drawn out and are filling it up with honey. My Celtics hive, the queen hasn't really moved up into the upper hive body. So I called my BeeMentor Nancy and she recommended that I feed them. So I have put a boardman feeder jar inside an extra super, on top of hive body two and I also sprayed each frame with a little little bit of sugar water to attract them up. I am only going to do this for this week. Nancy thinks there might be something called "drift" happening because of the way I have my hives situated.


Earth Angel said...

I think I may have a similar problem. Once super-thriving, this beehive seems to be very quiet. Would you please describe what I would be looking for to indicate that my beehive has drift?
Thanks for your terrific blog.

O's Eggs said...

Drift - I think my hive on the end is the one not doing as well. My Bee Mentor thinks it is because the bees find the other hives have more honey so they are drifting to the other two. Hope that helps