David Mas Masumoto (thanks mama @parkhere)

My Mama went to SF and all I got was this awesome David Mas Masumoto poster from Point Reyes Books. She said it is particularly cool because it is letterpressed and signed! Also I was called "Peach" when I was little cause I didn't have much hair :)

by David Mas Masumoto, peach farmer

We farm memories - fruits that catapult us into
remembrances of things past: a story of eating fresh
produce and knowing who grew it. If our work is
done correctly, it's no longer our peaches by rather a
personalized story of flavor. I think our furits are art
and want them to tell a story worth remembering.

A great peach can transport us to someplace else: the memory
of a tree in a backyard; thoughts of family in summer kitchens
canning or making jam; summer visits to a farm where we lost
our peach virginity and truly tasted flavor for the firs time.
These stories join our meals and create a social connection
between places, people and food.

With stories, we never eat alone.

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