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Call of the Honeybees

Ever since Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” first appeared, warning us against the dangers of chemicals in our natural world—we seem to be entering a new, more dangerous period, where the accumulated human effects upon the environment are producing an obvious toll. In this story, another human soul speaks out, this time, about the plight of the honeybees.

The impetus for this story originated over the past several months. A number of alarming stories were coming from news outlets that honeybees were facing a mysterious syndrome— Colony Collapse Disorder— that was leading to substantial population declines of honeybee colonies throughout areas of the world. I asked a friend of mine, who happens to be an entomologist, if he could refer me to a honeybee expert. He said, funny I should ask, he had just gotten out of a conference, and it’s being considered a big deal. He referred me to a couple of experts that included Dr. Lynn Royce. Read more...

Picture of Dr. Lynn Royce in the field tending her bees:

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