I'm sure they now know each other, now

Merry-Go-Round and Sugar met this week. I think they may have known each other their entire life, they just hadn't met. Sugar was a sweet sweet white bantam cochin and Merry-Go-Round (owned by my friend Susan Orlean) was a silver laced wyandotte, I think.

Sugar was a good listener. She was quite and sweet. This spring she "adopted" a little white leghorn who needed a companion. The leghorn is lost without her. Lola the black bantam cochin seems to be filling in, but not with the same sweetness as Sugar. I miss her.

I'm sure Merry-Go-Round was just as sweet. I hear she was a big talker and very social. She lived with donkeys too. And, honestly, she was a chicken celebrity. I imagine her with sunglasses and a swagger.

Sugar and Merry-Go-Round seem like happy friends. One a good talker with stories of donkeys, the other a great listener who enjoyed the company.

I am so sad Sugar isn't physically at the coop anymore. I bet Susan feels the same way. But as Mom says, we were lucky to have them part of our lives, no matter how long.

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Lynne Phillips said...

Yes I am sure they do know each other by now just chatting up a storm!!