Dear Orren, while you are at camp.

Tuesday, July 27

Hey there Sweet O,
Went out to check on The Celtics Hive. When I got there the bees seemed happier. Very busy coming and going. Very purposeful and they had gone through all of the simple syrup after just 8 days. I made them a new batch, switched out the feeders and closed up the hive. I think the Queen in that hive is just taking her time. She's a little Chill. "What's the hurry" she says, "I've got all summer". She's right of course.

Honestly I can't stand the idea of Re-Queening. It just doesn't feel right. I don't think I could kill her. Seems brutish. I'm clearly not a true beekeeper. They need you. In any case this may not be necessary because they seem to be filling up the second super with honey stores to get through the winter. I'm for being patient with Elizabeth III. She's clearly got her own vibe in The Celtics Hive. I vote we let her do her own thing. Run her hive at her pace.

I will keep feeding The Celtics Hive and quietly check in on the other two until you are back from camp. I love you so much. You are wonderful. Give Will a kiss.


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Annieb said...

I just heard about your site on WBUR. I've enjoyed reading your posts and can hardly wait to read the next. You've got a fan in Seattle. :)