New Chick.

A White Crested Black Polish, named Stella. She really is a star. I am so excited I can barely breath. She is gorgeous. I was lucky enough to get her from my very good friend Jan Brett (author of my favorite kids book The Mitten). I have been hoping hoping I might be able to raise one of her amazing birds. Now it has happened. Wow. Thank you Jan!


wishy the writer said...

How did you introduce your new chick to your flock? We have thirteen 5-month-old pullets and one 5-month-old blue cochin mellow-boy rooster. Our hens-to-be are all heritage breeds like cochins, phoenix, wyandottes, langshans and plymouth rocks. They still haven't laid their first egg! We raised them from chicks. Next summer we'd like to add Polish, Auracana and silkies, but wonder how to introduce only one or a few chicks to the flock. Any advice? We are in the mountains of AZ at 7000 feet & we certainly get tons of snow, so I appreciated your advice on winterizing flocks too! My 10 year old daughter loves your blog too!

O's Eggs said...

Hi Wishy
The best way to introduce new pullets to a flock is actually in the night time when it is dark. I have now posted a complete blog post on winterizing. Hope this helps