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To try the recipe for a Green Eggs (and No Ham) Sandwich, adapted from ChopChop magazine, click here.

Secret Weapon Against Childhood Obesity: A Magazine
..."I asked writer Susan Orlean to interview 12-year-old Orren Fox, who shares her, um, obsession and love for chickens." - Sally Sampson


Anonymous said...

I Think that the futer of farming will be in "vertacle farms" in the city.these will be 20 to 40 storys high and the bace about the size of a city blok , and thair will be a story for one crop (and yes poltry constatutas a crop hear). this meens that thair will probly be more abuses to anamles, unless we take a stand for thair rights. Thats ware you come in mr fox

Jack said...

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Roberta said...

You, my friend, are the only 13 year old that I know of that reads The Atlantic. Such sophisticated content for your age!

O's Eggs said...

Hey Roberta, Honestly my mom found the article and showed me .

Roberta said...

I always enjoy the photos that are posted on this blog and your mom has a good eye for content. Keep up the good work!