When do I switch to Egg Layer from Grower?

My blue cochins. When this picture was taken she was eating "Grower"
"When do I switch from Grower to Layer?"

I feed my babies "Starter" until about 8 weeks.

Then I switch to "Grower Mash" until they are fully "feathered out" about 20 weeks.

Next I switch them over to "Layer Pellet" I do not use "Layer crumble or mash".

I also mix in some:
Black Sunflower Seeds
Cracked Corn
Flax Seed
GameBird Pellets (higher in protein)

There are lots of ways to feed your birds. This is just one suggestion.

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Octohawk said...

I'm 27 and I'm kind of cynical and kind of a jerk. I'm not a big fan of people in a general sense, but beyond that I find myself continually terrified by anyone that can be classified as a teen. You, however, are different, and I hope you realize that. After stumbling upon your blog and clicking through the archives, I'm so delighted that kids like you exist. Though, I hate to call you a kid, because you seem wise and grounded beyond your 14 years. Please for the love of god keep up the good work, and keep spreading the word.