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"Orren Fox is an expert beekeeper, chicken farmer, and often-quoted sustainable-food advocate. He has been interviewed by the Huffington Post and NPR, among many others, and he’s on the advisory board for ChopChop magazine. His blog, through which he is mainly sharing what he learns in his care of his chickens and bees, is read by thousands, and he is heavily followed on Twitter (@happychickens and @happyhoneybees) and Facebook as well. Oh, and we should probably mention this: he's only fourteen years old.

For Orren, it all began with the chickens—and he’s not even certain exactly why. “When I was about nine, I must have been reading something or heard something on the radio concerning chickens that kind of caught my attention,” Orren told Organic Connections. “I’m not quite sure what it was, but one day I just had this large interest in them. I looked around online to see what I could find, then went and got a bunch of books about them and read all I could. There was something to do with chickens that was really intriguing.”


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