Fluffy, yes her name was Fluffy

I named here when I was 9.
She was awesome. New Hampshire Red.

I buried here with water, food and lots of great memories. She taught me how to be a Chicken Keeper.

If you could all think about her for a few minutes, that would be awesome.

She was fast, smart, strong and patient.

HappyChickens Track Team


www.mychickendiary.com said...

God Speed Fluffy. You look just like my dear Daisy. I know you were a happy chicken.

Dale Calder said...

Sorry to hear of your loss it is never easy when we loose one of our friends. I'm sure she knew that she was loved and was so fortunate to have had the life that she had.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear you lost one of your girls!

Marie said...

I'm so sorry. She was special and you'll never forget her. I'm a grandma now and I still remember my little parakeet Pixie.

Lily said...

Oh Orren, I'm so sorry.

She had a beautiful life and I'm certain you made her very happy.

Goodbye Fluffy.