Polish chickens

These are the next birds I would like to get.

The Crested Dutch, or Polish, of early writers were imported from eastern Europe, and upon landing in England, these were called "Poland Fowls." On the Continent of Europe, the name "Padoue" is applied to crested breeds. Charles Darwin classifies all the races of fowl with top-knots as "Crested or Polish" but does not give any data regarding their origin.

Polish is a long established race of domesticated poultry. It was mentioned as a pure breed as early as the sixteenth century. It is among the most ornamental and beautiful breeds of poultry, highly prized for exhibition and the production of white-shelled eggs. The most striking characteristic of the Polish fowl is the large protuberance or knob on top of the skull from which the crest of feathers grow and the large cavernous nostrils are found only in crested breeds.

This is an ornamental fowl. It is a non-sitter. The egg shells are white.

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