Restaurants that serve "humanely raised"

Only a handful of major chains have signed up to serve "humanely raised and slaughtered" meat and eggs. Here are a few:

Wolfgang Puck Cos. (started March 2007)
100% cage-free eggs
100% crate-free pork and veal
No foie gras

Carl's Jr. and Hardees
15% crate-free pork, up to 25% by January 2009
2% cage-free eggs by July 2008

Burger King
2% cage-free eggs this year
10% crate-free pork this year

The Cheesecake Factory
100% humanely raised chickens
Chipotle Mexican Grill
100% humanely raised pork, beef and chicken
2000 (pork), 2001 (chicken), 2003 (beef)

SOURCE: Dallas Morning News research

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Half Acre Homestead said...

Be careful of what they call " cage free eggs" a lot ofthese big producers can call them cage free because they are not in cages..BUT they are raised in barns with the same over crowding conditions..you want eggs that are Range or free range...meaning they have the choice of going outside to scratch.