12 Things Kids Should Learn on their Own about Food By Me


There are all sorts of really interesting things to learn about food, actually I imagine you might not have really THOUGHT about food. Maybe someone hasn’t taught you about food. Most kids would rather think about other stuff.

But just for a minute, right now, stop and ask yourself – What did I have for breakfast? Ok now, think – Where did all those ingredients come from? Who made that bagel? What time did they have to get up? Where did that egg come from? Where did the chicken live and how did it live? If you knew the animal was poorly treated would that make a difference? Or not? Where did the orange juice travel from? Florida? California? Have you ever traveled to those states? Is it a long way from California or Florida to your house? How much gas did it use to ship the OJ that far?

All really interesting questions I think.

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Marblehead Chicken said...

This is a good idea. I will try it with m kids tomorrow morning. They're 5 and 3, so old enough to think about where the food comes from, but probably not old enough to understand the real-world ramifications. But, it's never to early to educate them.