Blue Cochins

this is one of my hens as a chick

For my APA Flock Tender Certificate I have to do a report on each breed in my flock. The first are Blue Cochins.

"Cochins came to the US and England for the first time in about 1845, when they were known as Chinese Shanghai fowl. The first ones were a buff color and their size and thick soft feathering created quite a sensation, especially in England. The American Poultry Association recognizes Buff, Partridge, White, Black, Silver-laced, Golden-laced, Blue, Brown and Barred varieties.

One of the largest chickens, a full grown cock can reach 11 pounds, with the hens reaching 8 1/2 pounds. With their thick fluffy plumage, the birds look even larger. Their skin is yellow and they lay a brown egg. Although bred mostly for exhibition, they make a good meat bird. Cochins are usually very calm birds and easily made into pets. They are also excellent broodies. " from Feathersite.com

My birds:
I have 4 hens. They are very easy to identify because they are completly covered in feathers from head to toe. Yes the feathers even cover the leg and foot. My blue cochin skin color is a pale yellow and they lay light brown eggs. All of my birds are very very social and chill birds. They aren't skittish or wild but quite social. The average weight for a cochin hen is about 8-9 pounds. I think my hens weigh about 10! Cochins are known to be good mothers. Mine have often gone broody for long periods of time and the only way to get them out of this cycle is to not allow them into their nesting box for a day. The problem when they go broody and the eggs aren't going to hatch is they lose weight.

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