White Crested Black Polish

For my APA Flock Tender Certificate I have to do a report on each breed in my flock. The second are Polish Hens.

I have two Polish hens. Both are white crested black polish. You can see these types in these pictures. In England these birds are known just as Polands. They are one of the most popular crested breeds. Their distinctive feature is a big mop or crest of feathers on the top of their head. Some describe it like and umbrella on their head, my mom thinks the birds look like Coco Channel.

These birds lay a white eggs, come in many color variations and may also be bearded or unbearded. Hens tend to weigh about 4.5 pounds. On average the first few years they may lay as many as 300 eggs.

Polish hens tend to move quickly and with sharp movements, this is in part because they can't see very well with their crest dangling in from of their eyes.

Jan Brett
is a great person who knows a ton about Polish

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