It's about time I thanked all the people who have helped me with my chickens, bees and now horse.

Lisa B was the first person to take me to see a chicken coop and a flock of hens. She was also the person who even in the middle of a snowstorm would take me out to my coop after school. Thank you.

I was first introduced to our local farm Oak Valley Farm and Julie by our neighbor Dorothy. Dorothy loves all animals, and she started the Merimack River Feline Rescue Society. She also introduced me to Albert Schwitzer. I volunteered at Oak Valley for a year, feeding, cleaning, sweeping, anything Julie needed. Then in the spring Julie said I should get my own hens. I did. I got my hens from several places: Mypetchicken.com and Jan Brett.  Now 5 years later I have 25+ hens and 4 ducks.

For my birthday I wanted to go to Bee School. It was held at the Essex County Beekeepers house at the Topsfield fair. I met some really cool Beekeepers there. My mentors are Jane and Rob Wild. They have really helped. This fall while I was at school they  helped my mom harvest the first batch of BeeHappy Honey.

With my new horse, Paddy, at school I have many people to thank. My initial instructor, Mr. Schryver and my most recent teacher, Mrs.Vancissin have helped me this fall Paddy. Very recently I passed my riders' test which allows me more freedom while riding Paddy. It might sound extremely cliche, but I wouldn't be where I am now if everyone wasn't so generous with their time and effort. Thank you.

Thank you
Annie Novak
Megan Paska
Susan Orlean
Mollie Katzen
Mom, Dad and Will

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