Plum on her eggs


Geoff Egan said...

Who took that photo? You?

It'sd really startlingly good.

Candice said...

She is beautiful!

Thien Gretchen said...

Hello there and thank you for checking us out on Twitter. I'm enjoying getting to know you and your blog. Best of luck with the beekeeping and all you are doing! It's wonderful to see a young person so engaged with learning about the world around him.

Check us out on FB as well for Gretchen Bee Ranch - we're starting our first run of local honey harvest here in South Texas. Great Wildflower honey.

Take care and I'll be keeping up with you on FB and here.

Thien Gretchen
GBR of Seguin Texas

Thien Gretchen said...

And I totally forgot to say I LOVE this shot. :)