Tips if your chickens are molting

My birds often molt once a year. Molting is hard for hens. Make sure your hen is in fact molting and not the bottom of the pecking order, it can look the same: feathers missing around the head/neck and wing /tail feathers, low on energy. Here are a few things I try to do to help them out and keep them happy. A complete molt takes about two months and your hens will look quite bedraggled during this time.

1. Keep the coop warmish, if you can. 
2. Add protein to their diet. I do this by adding "Game Bird Feed"
3. Add more fresh veggies 
4. Increase the exposure to light
5. Keep your eye out for things that could stress them out.

Here are the things that can trigger a molt: change in available light and stress caused by lack of water or feed or cold temperatures.

She isn't molting, but she is curious

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Anonymous said...

Old trick, from the Elders. Red night light! Also a Beef head, from the Local Slaughter house. Hang it of the floor, so the Hen can peck/pull the meat of! Happy Hens! Full feathers!!umeditha