Water in the winter for happy chickens

Water is the most important thing for your chickens. It is just as important in the winter as it is in the heat of the summer.

• Every day make sure your waterers are full.

• Check your waterers every week for algae and basic junk. Your hens need clean fresh water. Hens will be less likely to drink dirty water and it takes a long time for a hen to get over dehydration. If they become too dehydrated they can get very ill and even die.

• Make sure your hens are "bright" and behaving the way they usually do. If they seem lethargic or depressed make sure they have fresh water first!

• I often add a quick dash of Braggs to the water. I believe it helps with their digestion and they seem to love the taste of it!

• It is possible to leave your chickens for a few days - only if there is plenty of food and fresh water. I always have someone check on them every day.

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