Building Frames at #beeschool






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Geoff Egan said...

For what it's worth, one of your fans is delighted to see that "Bee School" involves serious hands-on learning, rather than just being 'how to work a prebuilt, prebought hive'. You'll understand a whole lot more about the ecology and mechanics of hive.
But this same fan is somewhat worried about the top picture. As I recall from the CBS clip on prematurity, you're a southpaw (term comes from how all minor league baseball fields in the Texas League were laid out with homeplate in the west and the field all to the east), for what that's worth). But what are you doing hammering with your right hand while the left is holding the nail? I'm sitting here mimicking the action, and I know that if I was using my left hand to hammer, and my right to hold the nail, big trouble with coordination, and likely damage to my right hand! LOL