Cracked corn for winter

Adding Cracked Corn in the Winter:
I increase the amount of cracked corn I feed my hens in the winter. However, cracked corn is low in protein and is not nutritionally complete for your chickens. It cannot be the only source of nutrition for them. Cracked corn is a good source of energy  when it is cold.

Cracked corn also makes for good scratch --- a snack that your chickens can scratch about to eat. It keeps them from getting bored and provides some activity.

Please be sure to include grit to your chickens when feeding them cracked corn. Chickens need grit to digest cracked corn. Grit can be small pebbles or rocks that chickens naturally will find in their outdoor coop or you can purchase bags of grit from the feed store and mix it with the scratch.

Have a happy winter. Here are some other WINTER TIPS

  • Do not allow the cracked corn to become wet. Wet and moldy cracked corn is very dangerous to feed to your chickens.

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    Anonymous said...

    I'm glad you reminded me, because I am out of scratch. Cracked corn helps the girls stay warm too. I need to grab some tomorrow.