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Make a Change PODCAST 9/15

MY Interest Video 9/13
OF Birds and Bees

"The Reason I Keep Bees" by Orren Fox

ChopChop Magazine 9/12 7/12
Beginner's Luck by Orren Fox

A natural talent for keeping bees Newburyport teen gains blog followers with tales of bees, chickens 6/12
Boston Globe by Joel Brown @jbnbpt

"Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food" at White House 3/12
@USDA Event with Sam Kass and Under Secretary Kerrigan

HandPicked Nation Review of "Know Your Farmer" Event 3/12
A review of the event in Washington DC at the White House

Greenhorns Radio Interview 3/12
Thanks Severin

OrganicConnections 1/12
It All Began With Chickens

The Do Lectures 12/12
The Barefoot Beekeeper

Kids Radically Changing the Food System - 1/12
by Paula Crossfield, HuffingtonPost

The Lunch Tray 9/12
Orren Fox: A Teenage Boy — With Chickens and Bees — Teaches and Inspiresby Bettina Siegel

Yankee Magazine 9/11
Feature Story, The Big Question
by Ian Aldrich

All You Need is Love with Mollie Katzen 4/11
For Chop Chop Magazine, by Orren Fox

FearLess Revolution 2/11
12 Things Kids Should Learn on their Own about Food, by Orren Fox 3/11
Happy Chickens SuperKid: Orren Foxby Robyn O'Brien, founder of Allergy Kids

A Bee-Happy Boy

Mark Bittman, NYT 6/10
Kids Radically Changing the Food System, by Mark Bittman

Mass General Hospital for Children 5/10
Healthy Fox Cares for Chickens

The Atlantic Magazine
The Birds on That Brooklyn Rooftop? Chickens 8/10
"Introducing Farm Club", by Orren Fox

Greenhorns "the irresistible fleet of bicycles"
"Review of FRESH by a young chicken farmer", by Orren Fox

CBS Evening News - Preemie Study

Jack and Jill Kids Magazine
by Michaele Charles
"A Young Reader Weighs In: The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Young Reader’s Edition" by Orren Fox

The Next Great Generation
"TNGG is honored to have Orren answer our questions during our first food week."

OpEd News
"Talking About Food and Farming with Orren Fox"

FRESH the Movie
"Young Activist Reviews FRESH", by Orren Fox

Humane Teen
This is a "Persuasive Essay" I had to write for school, by Orren Fox

Every Kitchen Table
"What the heck is ProFood anyway?", by Orren Fox

Every Kitchen Table
"12 Things Kids Should Learn on their Own about Food", by Orren Fox

Huffington Post 8/09
"Meet Happy Chickens" by Sarah Newman

Take Part 2009
"10 Tips for a Sustainable Thanksgiving"

Raw Food Nation 2009
"Orren Fox of Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs"

Natural Food Magazine
A magazine article

Backyard Poultry Magazine Cover

Little Josephine on cover

Boston Magazine Topsfield Fair Winners 2009
Magazine article and photos of my hens

Garden Plotting: With Orren Fox 1/11
by Mud Baron

Tweet Feat 2/10

A Story about the Birds and the Bees (and Interview with Orren)
What's Cooking, with Kids. By Michelle Stern

I love Chickens 2/11
by Michaele Charles. Inspiring Kids

Student Finds Passion for Activism - Beverly Citizen 6/11
by Katrina Powell

Coolest Food websites for kids 9/11
by Fried Chillies

Omnivores Dilema Review,

Farm Club on