ChopChop Magazine - I'm part of their advisory board!

Sally Sampson is launching Chop Chop, a fun cooking magazine for kids and families. "As a cookbook writer with 20 titles and counting - and as a mother whose child has a chronic illness  - I've gotten a lot deeper into the healthcare system than I'd ever thought I'd be. Chop Chop is the perfect way to get involved in healthcare and use my cooking skills," says Sampson. The magazine is filled with kid-tested real-food recipes to make at home, along with puzzles, games, and fun food facts for the Sesame Street crowd. Set to launch in mid-March in 30 states, the quarterly magazine is a non-profit venture, supported by public-health departments, pediatricians, and corporations. It's guided by a team of award-winning national magazine editors, designers, and writers, and all the content has been vetted by an advisory team of academics and medical professionals. "Pediatricians are wild for the magazine. They have started talking to parents and kids about real food, but they didn't have a tool to give them," says Sampson. Why is she doing this? "We have to change the way America eats, one bite at a time."

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