That Buzzing Could Sweeten Tomorrow’s Tea - from NYT

Published: March 26, 2010

If you spy a dark-haired woman gliding down Mission Street, past the taquerias and bodegas, in a white, head-to-toe bee suit — picture a hazmat suit crossed with a fencing mask — chances are it’s Cameo Wood, en route to a beehive. Ms. Wood, the 32-year-old proprietor of the Mission District shop Her Majesty’s Secret Beekeeper, cares for 15 hives in “borrowed spaces” around San Francisco. These are hidden away in friends’ backyards, in a restaurant garden, and on the roofs of government buildings and apartment complexes.

Urban beekeeping, or backyard beekeeping, is taking off in a major way in the Bay Area, as a growing brood of city dwellers is raising bees on rooftops, patios and small plots of land; harvesting the honey; and, in some cases, selling the yields in local shops and bakeries.


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