Hens need light in the winter.

Light in the winter.
Chickens need a lot of light. I think that the steady supply of light in the coop contributes to good wintertime egg production and Happy Chickens.

I do two things to help with light for my hens:

1. See above. My dad and I enclosed the outdoor run in clear corrugated plastic, so it is both warm and sunny all day. I have seen coops where the outdoor run is closed in during the winter with wood, so the coop is dark all day. I try to get as much light to them as possible. The indoor coop is well lit because the roof of the barn has some clear panels as well.

2. I set up a crazy light / timer system for the indoor coop.
- Set a plug-in timer to come on at 4pm and off at 8pm.
- Then I clip these industrial lights on the overhead beams of the coop and the light comes on when it gets dark outside. Hens need anywhere from 14-16 hours of light a day.

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Kathe Lewis said...

May I ask where you buy these industrial lights please?